Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ahead of the times?

Ahead of the times?

I had an opinion piece in the Finance section of the Irish Times back in January. It was intended to be mildly provocative to stimulate debate. I have heard that there was a lot of feedback, so it served its purpose.

A few people in Ireland who understand IP told me that the idea was “ahead of its time.” That phrase conjures up images of Leonardo da Vinci or musician John Cage.

In truth, it is more often used as a polite dismissal of a nutter.

I resigned myself to the possibility that the IP age has not yet arrived and that I should not spend any more effort persuading Irish policy makers to be ready for the big wave.

Here is the news

This week in Business Week magazine, there were 2 separate articles about intellectual property. It reminded me that IP really IS in the mainstream.

Ireland says my article is ahead of its time. I have got news – the time is NOW.

Ireland is not there, so they have missed it.

You can bring a horse to water .....

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